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NE Pipe Restoration - Boston Pipe Contractors

Boston, MA

Phone: (877) 627-4401


Boston Sewer Line Replacement

If you are having sewer pipe issues in the city of Boston then it may be time to think about replacing the pipe. If your Boston home or commercial building is more than 25 years old then chances are it has the original sewer pipe. Most Boston pipes installed back then were cast iron sewer pipes with joints and after years of service begin to leak and crack attracting roots.

Trenchless sewer line repair, the cost effective long term solution!

Root Intrusion in Boston sewer pipes are the major cause of failures cracks and back ups. We offer the latest technology in Boston sewer line replacement that does not require digging. It is called trenchless sewer line replacement. The pipe is completely replaced with a new seamless HDPE pipe in a fraction of time conventional excavation would take. Call the experts at NE Pipe Restoration today for more details and a FREE ESTIMATE to have your sewer pipe replaced the smart way.

We will beat any competitors written estimate!

NE Pipe Restoration, Boston Massachusetts, (877) 627-4401

Proudly Serving All of Suffolk County, MA

Sewer Repair Kit Boston | Pipe Lining Boston | Reline | Trenchless Pipe Repair Boston | Sewer Lining in Boston

Tip of the day - Don't plant trees or large shrubs over sewer lines

Sewer Restore in Boston | Blocked Sewer Pipe In Boston | Drain Repair Boston | Connection Seal in Boston | Collapsed Pipes in Boston

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